Concentrate on your business and leave the headaches of payroll function to us.

Payroll Pro Solutions offers an out of the box approach for payroll services that are customized to fit your business needs. Our clients receive services that are:

  • Timely and reliable
  • Guaranteed calculations
  • Accurate
  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • Professional

Submission of payroll information and time is made easy by entering through an administrator portal or using phone, fax and email. For businesses that desire more control and adaptive features and functions, state of the art payroll technologies are leveraged to fulfill your needs.

You submit the payroll information and we do the rest:

  • Accurate calculation of net pay which includes:
    • Withholdings
    • Cafeteria plan
    • 401K and other retirement plans
    • Garnishments
    • PTO tracking
    • ITIN Withholding
  • Employees pay stubs are available in employee portals
  • Provide you with management reports of current and all prior payrolls
  • Direct Deposit to employee bank accounts
  • Make tax deposits to federal and state taxing agencies
  • File all monthly, quarterly and annual tax reports with federal and state taxing agencies