Human Resources

Focus on people — not paperwork and processes 

Organizations continue to take on a more strategic role as they seek to attract and retain top talent, develop and engage the workforce, and more effectively manage the employee lifecycle from pre-hire to retire. Too often, however, manual processes and time-consuming administrative tasks associated with managing employee data, benefits, and compliance can keep organizations from focusing on initiatives that boost workforce productivity, improve employee engagement, and drive better business outcomes. 

Our HR module, part of a unified human capital management (HCM) platform automates core HR functions such as onboarding and benefits management while providing a single database that stores and tracks all employee data in one location. Automated workflows, configurable forms and reports, and real-time access to accurate, consistent employee information help reduce administrative workload and minimize compliance risk. What’s more, our HCM platform offers optional modules for talent acquisition, performance management, and compensation planning for a fully integrated, end-to-end HCM solution that lets organizations focus on their people — not paperwork and processes. 

Key Benefits
Streamline HR Processes with a paperless system that eliminated duplicate data entry and error-prone manual tasks so that you can focus on your people.

Simplify benefits management for multiple plan types with self-service tools and instant visibility into enrollment status, eligibility, and costs across the employee base.

Drive employee engagement with talent management solutions that help you develop, reward, and retain a high-performing workforce.

Empower employees and managers with role-based self-service that lets them view and update information at their convenience.

Improve HR decision making with real-time access to accurate, consistent employee data.
Our tools can help to:
– Automate processes for a paperless HR environment 
– Source, evaluate, and track best-fit candidates 
– Onboard new hires quickly and effectively 
– Streamline benefits enrollment and management 
– Stay on top of employee development 
– Optimize employee engagement and performance 
– Reward and retain your valued talent 
– Discover our solution’s advantage