Platform Features: Scheduling

Our scheduling module automatically generates best-fit schedules based on your organization’s unique requirements to help control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, improve productivity, and drive employee engagement.  Easy-to-use tools and automated workflows simplify creation of best-practice schedules that align staffing with budget and demand. Automatic enforcement of scheduling rules and policies helps avoid employee grievances, litigation, and fines.

Workload planning* — automatically generate shifts based on imported business data
Optimized schedule generation — take a step beyond simply meeting constraints and achieve business goals such as lowering cost, reducing overtime, meeting employee preferences and much more
Budget and workload definition
Shift and schedule definition
Schedule rule and constraints definition
Manual schedule planning and editing
Schedule pattern templates
Schedule groups or individuals
Schedule to skill and proficiency
Open-shift visibility
Automatic shift assignment — have the system automatically assign shifts based on several important factors such as availability, skills, location, and much more
Color-coded availability
Drag-and-drop fill
Mobile Application
View schedule
Swap shifts (peer approvals available)
Coverage requests
Open shift requests
Scheduling reports, visualizations, and dashboards
Schedule change alerts and notifications
Skill tracking
Credential and certification tracking*
Staff management drag-and-drop shift transfer
Call list
Employee availability and preferences
Fatigue management
Open-shift management — automatically displays the available employees who meet shift criteria, allowing the shift to be offered and accepted by those employees within a predefined time frame
Employee self-service: request coverage
Employee self-service: shift swap
Employee self-service: request open shift
Timesheet sync** — ensure schedules are posted to employees’ timesheets
Employee self-service — approve schedule changes (where secure scheduling ordinances apply)
Coverage graph and metrics
Data visualization and dashboarding capabilities
Detailed audit trails
Planned-to-actual schedule metrics
Schedule Changes
Shift swap requests
Coverage requests
Open shifts posted
Open shifts requested

*Add-on functionality required

**Applicable only if the Timekeeping Module is being licensed